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Trento Duo Half Marathon

Asd Città di Trento, thanks all the partecipants to the 2nd edition of the TRENTO DUO HALF MARATHON, relay on the distance of Km 21,097 (10,5km + 10,6km)







with the registration to the competition the athlet declares of having read and fully accept the following competition rules

A.S.D. Città di Trento organizes the 2nd edition of Trento Duo Half Marathon two legs relay running race over the distance of Km 10.5 and km 10.6 respectively.

It will take place in Trento, sunday october 1st 2017, with radevouz at 9:00 and starting time at 10:00 in Via Rosmini and finish line in Piazza Duomo


According to FIDAL's regulations for the organization of competitive events, are allowed to partecipate all athlets that are older of 18 years the day of the event. In compliance of "Norme per l'organizzazione delle manifestazioni 2017" emanated by FIDAL and specifically "Note Esplicative convenzione FIDAL - " of 4th of april 2014 are allowed to partecipate all the athletes from the categories junior, promesse, senior e master that have one of the following characteristics:

  1. Athletes member of a club associated to FIDAL for the year 2017
  2. Athletes not associated, owners of RUNCARD in combination with a medical certificate for the competitive practice of athletics. Abiding to the rules regulating the use of RUNCARD is an exclusive responsibility of the athlete. more information at:


Entries to Trento Half Marathon will be avaiable since march 1st 2016 and can be submitted online up to september 28th 2017 at 24:00.

  • 36,00 € from 1st of march 2017 up to 31st of may 2017
  • 42,00 € from 1st of june 2017 up to 31st of july 2017
  • 52,00 € from 1st of august 2017 up to 20th of september 2017
  • 62,00 € from september 21st up to september 28th 2017 - only if bibs are aviable
Online registration can be submitted through the website for the competitive section and through the website for the non competitive section.
Registration to the competitive section can also be submitted by fax and e-mail, in this case the registration forms or their copies, filled in all their parts, must be provided, attached to the proof of payment by bank wire before friday september 28th 2017 at the adress or by fax at the number +39 041 2031587 to the registration form we remind to attach also a readable copy of FIDAL'S MEMBERSHIP CARD and/or MEDIAL CERTIFICATE + RUNCARD valid for the competitive practice of Athletics. To determinate the entry fee will be considerate the payment date.
In this case the payment has to be submitted by:
  • bank wire to be payed, with expences to be payed by the payer, to the bank account registered to A.S.D.Città di Trento at - Cassa Rurale Trento, IBAN: IT48I0830401807000007772695
  • international bank wire, with expences to be payed by the payer, to the bank account registered to A.S.D.Città di Trento at - Cassa Rurale Trento, IBAN IT48I0830401807000007772695 SWIFT CCRTIT2T76A
Athletes can register to the Trento Duo Half Marathon individually, the organizing committee will take care of randomly selecting the pairs and form the teams. Individual registrations can be submitted through the website entry fees for any single athlete are set at:
  • 18,00 € from 1st of march 2017 up to 31st of may 2017
  • 21,00 € from 1st of june 2017 up to 31st of july 2017
  • 26,00 € from 1st of august 2017 up to 20th of september 2017
  • 31,00 € from september 21st up to september 28th 2017 - only if bibs are aviable
Entry fees give right to:
  • bib for the race
  • medical insurance and assistance
  • race gift package
  • time measuring microchip
  • personal items' transportation bag
  • refreshments and sponges points along the course
  • refreshment in the finish area
  • service of race assistants - pace makers
  • shower service in the Bresadola gym at 100mt of distance from the finish line.
  • pasta party's coupon
  • medal for all the athletes reaching the finish line
  • partecipation certificate


During the days of the event partecipants will be allowed to park their car in the area named "ex sit", it will be necessary to expose the form downloadable from the website of the event. Directions to reach the event's location and the parking form can be found in the page:


The athletes that submitted their entry regulary can collect the bib and RACE GIFT PACKAGE in Trento reporting themself with a valid identification document at the Trento Running Expo the days friday 29th of september 2017 from 17.00 to 19.00 - saturday 30th of september 2017 from 10.00 to 19.00 and for residents outside the province of Trento sunday 1st of september from 7.00 to 9.00. Bibs and gift packages can be collected also by third parties, with written proxy letter, and a valid photo id. In case an athlete is unable to provided the missing documentation dirong bib's collection won't be refunded and will be allowed to collect only the gift package.


  • 1st leg 10,5km
  • 2dn leg 10,6km


At 10.00 from Via Rosmini for the first leg runner. Change with the second leg runner in via Bernardo Clesio and finish line in Piazza Duomo


First leg runners will start among the athletes partecipating in Trento Half Marathon 2017 and placed in groups based on the first leg runner time during previous half marathons (time actually performed in a half marathon during the two years prior to the race) as follows:

  • 2nd sector bibs from 51 to 500: Top Athletes and Master Athletes with prior result better than 1:29:59
  • 3rd sector bibs from 501 to 1000 : Master Athletes with prior result from 1:30:00 up to 1:44:59
  • 4th sector bibs over 1001 : Master Athletes with prior result from 1:45:00 and over.


Along with the bib will be provided a blue bag and an adhesive label with the runner's own bib number to attach in plain view on the same bag. The bag must contain only the runners' personal clothing in order to change themself after the race and will be the only container accepted by the organization, it will be collected, guarded and given back at the end of the race in the area marked as "DEPOSITO BORSE ATLETI" set in piazza Duomo. We advise to not leave valuable items (cellphones, wallets, etc) inside the bags, organizating commettee, even if having good care of the items collected, can't be held responsible of thefts, damages or losses.


Timing service will be provided by TDS - TIMING DATA SERVICE SRL. Measurement of time and rankings elaboration will be accomplished by a system based on an active transponder ("chip"). It's forbidden to tamper chip. Athlets that in any way will damage the "chip" won't appear in the rankings. For any athlete will be recorded: the official time (from the start shooting), the neat time (from the moment the start line is crossed to the finish line), and some intermediate passage. The "chip" will not be recollected and it's disposable. More information about the timing service will be published on the internet website in the weeks before the race.


The time limit to finish the Trento Half Marathon 2017 is set at 3 hours. after this time the organizating commettee won't be able to guarantee the traffic closure.


According to IAAF/FIDAL rules, refreshments are after the finish line and along the course every 5 kilometers. In all the refreshment areas will be provided water. In addition starting from the 10th kilometer, will be aviable saline integrators. spnge areas will be at kilometers 7,5 at 12,5 at 17,5.


Il Comitato Organizzatore appronterà un adeguato servizio di assistenza medica sul percorso e nei punti di partenza e arrivo.


The organizing commettee will provide groups of pacemaker ("ORSI"), athlets tasked to run the Trento Half Marathon 2017 a constant rithm in order to arrive on the finish line in a specific time. There will be pacemaker recognisable by the special clothing and air balloons setting the pace for finishing the race in: 1 hour and 30 minutes, 1 hour and 40 minutes, 1 hour and 50 minutes, 2 hours, 2 hours and 10 minutes.


After the finish line athlhetes will be lined in corridors in order to to receive the medal and reach the refreshments.


Intermediate and final times will be provided in real time on the website www.tds It will be possible to download the paritcipation certificate directly from the website www.tds


Prize giving ceremony will take place after the race at 13:00. The best 3 teams in each category (Male, Female, Mixed) will be awarded a prize in kind. Prizes in kind will be delivered exlusively at the official prize giving ceremony.


With entry submission the athlet is responsible of the titolarity and care of the race bib. It's forbidden to tamper in any way with it. To the athletes that will cut, reduce in size and/or hide the brands printed on the bib, will not given the eventual prize won even if it might be a monetary prize.

  1. Anyone partecipating without submitting entry or without a regular bib, in addition to be considered responsible for any damage to things or people, himself included, might face sportive sanctions under the jurisdiction fo the federal branches and might be charged with the penal sanctions according to the felony of "theft" as described in the (art. 624. c.p.).
  2. Whoever, without submimtting regular entry, partecipate with a counterfeited bib or that doesn't conform with the one provided by the organization, in addition to what stated before, will face the sportive sanctions and might be charged with the felony of theft (art. 624. c.p.), or, as alternaitve, with the felony of fraud (art. 640 c.p).
In cases a) and b) participants can be sanctioned for the misdeminor of "inosservanza dei provvedimenti delle Autorità" (art. 650 c.p.). Actions will be taken just if photografic or video proof will be provided.


Eventual complaints must be presented within 30' since the exposure of the rankings firstly verbally to the Finish line Judge and secondly in written form to the Appeal Judge, accompanied with a fee of 100,00 euro, that will be refunded in case the motion is accepted. For everything not explicitly stated in this statute we please refer to the FIDAL's rules. The Competition Judges Group will disuqalify partecipants that won't pass through checkpoints located along the course.


With the entry the partecipant declares to know and respect the rules of partecipation for the TRENTO DUO HALF MARATHON 2017 published on the internet website, according to the rules of IAAF and FIDAL. partecipation to the TRENTO HALF MARATHON 2017 and/or to sportive events in general is potenitally an hazardous activity. the partecipants also declares having submitted volountarely the entry and to assume all the risks derived by the partecipations to the event such as but not only: falls, contacts with vehicles, with other partecipants, viewers, weather conditions, included extreme hotness, coldness and humidity, traffic and conditions of the roads, anyother risk known. The partecipant declares also to be aware of what stated earlier, considering the entry submission the athlete frees from any responsibility the organizing commettee of the TRENTO HALF MARATHON 2016, A.S.D., CITTA' DI TRENTO, from all the present and future complaints, known or unknown, derivated by the partecipation to the event.


According to the article 13 of D.L.vo 30 june 2003, n.196 we inform that:

  1. all the datas provided with the entry form are required for the partecipation in order to prepare the starting list, the rankings the hystorical archive, to provide the services declared in the competition rules and to send informative materials about TRENTO HALF MARATHON 2017 and informative and commercial comunications from it's partners;
  2. that the lack of the informations required will cause the exclusion from the event;
  3. that the right of the partecipant about the treatment of this datas are specified in the article 7 of D.L.vo n. 196/03. In any moment the partecipant has the ability to read, edit, or delete free of charge his own datas writing to the responsible at A.S.D. CITTA' DI TRENTO


Submittin entry to the TRENTO HALF MARATHON 2017, the athlete authorizes the Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica CITTA' DI TRENTO, to recorder, with televisive, cinematographic, fotographic or other means, the image of the partecipant during his partecipation to the TRENTO HALF MARATHON and to confirm with this declaration the authorization to the A.S.D. CITTA' DI TRENTO to record, reproduce, print, publish, and broadcast and in any way use through any mean known or that will be invented in the future without time limitations of any kind and in any way to give commercial and institutional partners the rights of using the images for promotional purposes. The athlete declares also to not ask A.S.D. CITTA' DI TRENTO and/or its affilliated compensation, being any complaints by the athlet satisfied by the partecipation in the event.


In case the race is cancelled and/or not performed for reasons not under control and/or imputable to the will of the organizing commettee, included the suppression of the authorizations by the local governament authorities, the partecipant won't have any claim to A.S.D. CITTA' DI TRENTO, not even as reparation for the expences for travel or accomodation as submitting the entry form values as waiver to ny claims of reimbursment of the damge and/or compensation and or any claim of reintegration and/or satisfaction of any eventual monetary prejudice suffered or to be suffered.


The organization commettee reservs itself the right of modify this rules in any moment about the modifications to the rules of F.I.D.A.L. and for reasons intended to improve the organization of the event. Modification of time scheduling, of the servivces and locations will be comunicated to the athlets on the confirmation letter and in addition on the website


For anithing not included in this statute please refer to the specific laws and regulations in place on the subject. The Race Judges Group has the power of disqualify athletes that won't pass through checkpoints located on the course. The organizating comettee reserves itself the right to change in any given moment any provision in this competition rules due to force majeure. The race will take place on a course completely pavemented, closed to vehicular traffic. Participant are not allowed to tamper reduce or cover the simbols on race bibs, this will be sanctioned with disqualification. All partecipants have the obbligation to respect the traffic rules. It's forbidden to be accompanied by bycicles or unauthorized persons.


Event's website:


rules updated at 4/9/2017

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