Become a volunteer of Trento Half Marathon

October 3rd 2021 will be organized in Trento the “Trento Running Festival”, that merges two big events, the “Giro al Sas” and the “Trento Half Marathon”

To make the event possible we need volounteers, both along the track of the race itself, as well as the days before for: setting the structures, preparing the race packages, deal out bibs, placing audience barriers, ecc.!

If you also want to become a voulonteer and be part of our staff, sharing this beautiful experience, we ask you to fill and send, with indications regarding your disponibility, the  FORM signed… if you know some friends that might want to come with you to help us invite them to come, and remind them fill nd sign the form! Or you can also:

Use the online form

Every volounteer will receive a gadget

Positive about your partecipation and aware of the importance, that volounteers have for the realization of any event… particularly Trento Running Festival… we will wait for you and we are aviable for answering any question.

For more information
Patrizia Suligoi 340/8615898
Carla Valduga 348/6548136
Responsabile Volontari
Trento Running Festival

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